The Konop Companies offer state-of-the are equipment such as:

BevMax Cold Beverage Machine

  • Robotic delivery system
  • 12 oz. cans or 20 oz. bottles
  • All sizes and shapes
  • Multiple healthier choice options

Natl 677 Coffee

  • Fresh bean ground coffee with every cup
  • Multiple flavored and gourmet coffees
  • Multiple cup sizes
  • Sensor to accommodate own cup

Merchant Snack

  • Guaranteed delivery system
  • Multiple healthier choice options

Natl 432 General Merchandiser

  • Fresh food made daily
  • Menu changes daily
  • Removal date stamped for your convenience - 3-7 day shelf life
  • In-house commissary and bakery
  • Multiple healthier choice options
  • Customized orders by location

Based on your companies' needs, there are many other equipment options available.